Mortgage Investment 101

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Investing in Mortgages

What is Mortgage Investing?

Mortgage investing involves you lending money from RRSPs or cash to fund a borrower’s mortgage with their house as security for the loan.

"Our Interest is Your Wealth" TM

Your retirement savings are your future income, let us help you maximize your returns for a brighter future

Mortgage Brokerage Firm Sherwood Park

Have you ever wanted to invest like a banker?

Did you know you can use your RRSPs to invest into Private Mortgages?

Did you know that you can take control over your RRSPs and achieve much higher returns than your currently receiving?

Did you know that your RRSP doesn't just have to be just mutual funds and GICs?

Did you know that you can see returns of 6% to 14% on your RRSP and all the while your capital is secured to local residential Real Estate?

Mortgage Brokerage Firm Sherwood Park

Most people just assume that Private lending is just for the wealthy, after they have become wealthy;

What they don't know is...

Private Lending is how the wealthy got wealthy in the first place.

Through Magnum Mortgages' proprietary process and software you can be the Lender for Alberta Residential Mortgages.

Don't leave your RRSP capital to be eroded over time through management fees and investments into funds that you have no control over.

Let Magnum Mortgage put you in the drivers seat of your financial future.

Why Invest in a Mortgage?

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    Return higher yields of interest (6% - 12%)

    Current 5 year GICs are returning less then 3%
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    Targeted approach provides investments that match your profile

    Tailor your portfolio between higher rates of returns with more risk or more moderate rates of return with less risk.
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    Liquidity with shorter investment periods (typically 12 months)

    With investment terms of only 1 year, you can more easily access your capital when required.
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    Security backed investment (mortgage attached to real asset)

    Your investment is in a physical property that can be rented or sold if required.
  • Mortgage Brokerage Firm Sherwood Park

    Traditionally less volatile then stocks or mutual funds

    Avoid the peaks and valleys of market investments by putting your money to work for you, here in the province we live in.
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    Predictable income accumulated monthly

    Your interest is earned every month and payments will be deposited into your account as they are made by the borrower.
  • Private Investing Sherwood Park

    A specialized team that focuses on private Alberta mortgages

    Since we only invest in Alberta mortgages our team is up to date on any news and trends that may influence your investment.
  • Private Mortgage Funding Sherwood Park

    RRSP, RRIF, LIRA and TFSA Eligible

    You can use your existing accounts, such as your RRSP accounts, to fund mortgage investments
  • Private Investing Sherwood Park

    Portfolio diversification

    Adding mortgages to your portfolio allows you to invest in real estate without the cost & headaches associated with tenants, damage, & maintenance of the property.

How Investing in Mortgages Works

  • Getting Started


    We work with you to find a mortgage (or mortgages) that meets your needs and risk tolerance.

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  • Transfer Funds to Trust



    Transfer registered account funds to Canadian Western Trust.


    Transfer savings to lawyer’s trust account.

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  • Registration of your Security


    Your name is registered on the title of the property securing your investment with the property.

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  • Receive your Payments


    You receive monthly payments deposited directly into your account.

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  • Loan Payout or Renewal


    At the end of the 1 year term or you can offer a renewal or request a payout. We then repeat the process.

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